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Hello everyone, welcome! I’ve been educating couples on the subject of sex for 4 years now and have worked for many more years promoting some of the best sex toys on the market.  Feel free to browse my Vibrator reviews and many others that I personally recommend. I’ve dedicated this site to helping educate people on a subject that is very often misunderstood! Men get the majority of their eduction from porn or talking with their buddies. Women read romance novels and Cosmo. Sex is good as it is, don’t get me wrong but why not leave your partner wanting more. Set yourself apart from the “average sex” and you’ll have them talking about you to all their friends for years!

It amazes me how some people flat out refuse to read into the subject. Some men think their sex skills blow every woman’s socks off, and that may be true for some women but certainly not all. Some girls think that men want a porn-star who screams and digs her nails into his back, but to a lot of men its actually down right annoying.

So sit back and enjoy my videos and learn something that will surprise your partner tonight! 😉 And remember toys are always fun in the bedroom! So please visit my store and have a look around!

Videos are just more fun than books and mine are free! My videos are loaded with great information from years of experience working in the industry.

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